Those Who Endure, CONQUER

It's no secret...

That Ultra-Distance Runner Stan Cottrell and Guinness World Record Holder understands that endurance isn't just about crossing the finish line

In fact, if you wish to find one's true endurance, you're going to have to begin by digging deep within your mind.

You must uncover the reasons that DRIVE & INSPIRE YOU to keep pushing through.

What DRIVES & INSPIRES Stan Cottrell to stay fit and put his health at the center of what makes Stan, well, Stan?

Being the "curious cats" that we are, we decided to get our thinking caps on and find out the answer to this...

In times such as we live in today, some very inspiring thoughts expressed by someone so determined to achieve their goals could be very uplifting for many of us.

That's why in this post, we're going to explore Stan-the-Running-Man: 

Who he is, what he cares about, his achievements, & his health at 78-years-old.

What we were to discover is so awesome, we have to share with you all.

If more people knew about what it means to truly live a healthy lifestyle, then perhaps, we would have a much healthier world than that of which we live in today.

Let's take a closer look at the REAL-Life inspiration behind the character, "Forrest Gump."

Who is Stan Cottrell?

Stan Cottrell is a 78-year-old ultra-distance runner, Guinness World Record Holder for the most running marathons in a single year (130), and an ultramarathon runner.

But Stan isn’t your run-of-the-mill one-trick-pony! This man has a remarkable background. It includes him being a college instructor, pharmaceutical executive, International VP of Business Development, and CEO of an international bio-tech environmental firm with offices in 35 countries.

But it doesn’t stop there.

His ambition has garnered him in many ways throughout the world. His incredible feats and engaging friendships the world over truly stand out.

In 1984 he made his mark yet again on the scene of everyday life as the founder of Friendship Sports Association.

This outreach uses sports, and in particular, ultra-distance “Friendship Runs.”

In fact, Stan is also the reason behind the creation of The Amazing Friendship Run.

And for this upcoming Friendship Run 2021 this real-life inspiration for the iconic Forrest Gump, is a man on a mission.

Through his determination, willpower, and endurance, Stan is ready to unite America as he spreads hope, faith, and friendship. Of course, this world renown running-man with his background also includes serving as a powerful communicator to open doors that UNITE “We the People.”

From simply hearing Stan’s mission, achievements, and age, we just couldn’t believe it.

We knew we had to find out more about his mission, driven by his passion for growth and faith in humanity.

We had to know why a man in his seventies would be willing to set the record straight (Yet again!)

By embarking on an incredulous journey 3,000+ miles across the country within 100-day time frame.

What is it that motivates him to put on his “old-school-running-shoes" and make history once more?

How is it physically possible for a man his age to even attempt such a thing?

Shouldn’t it be dangerous?

Just Why Does Stan Cottrell Believe He Can Live on the Edge?

We're about to uncover the secret to Stan’s longevity and more importantly, just how easy it is for anyone to live a healthy lifestyle, such as that of Stan’s, and begin to reap the benefits through healthy living.

What are Some of the Things that Stan Cottrell Cares About?

Stan Cottrell is a man who knows what he cares about.

In fact, the things that matter the most to him, is the reason for his remarkable 78th birthday celebration...

Stan is Fulfilling Extraordinary Birthday Wishes This Year at the Amazing Friendship Run on May 7th, 2021!

Can you imagine just what it takes to run 3,000+ miles for 100 days?

I know, I for sure, can’t even begin to fathom such an excursion...

But you can bet your last dollar bill that Stan the Running Man can imagine it.

Take a look at some of the obstacles he’s faced throughout his 63-year-span as an ultra-distance- runner below:

Ran across Europe, astoundingly, in 80 days.

Ran 2,152 miles in 53 days across the true great unknown, the forbidden land of China.

What’s more, this was the unknown territories of China that NO FOREIGNER had ever been permitted.

But Stan’s mind-boggling achievements don’t stop there, 

they RUN along non-stop and into the most astonishing that we’ve ever heard of.


Check out these riveting endeavors:

  • Ran across 140 different countries and has accumulated more than 250,000 miles of running in his 63-year career. That's more than 10 times around the earth.
  • Ran from New York to San Francisco in 48 days and set a new Guinness Book of Records

Stan is, by definition, a true legend.

His name will forever be remembered even after he’s long gone.

So, here’es the scoop on how he’s going to achieve the wildest run of a lifetime.

The entire Health regimen that Stan is utilizing daily benefits him in the most astonishing ways possible.

Enduring the typical hardships that occur with old age are completely null in his opinion. 

So we figured, if Stan’s willing to use this and he’s without a doubt, proving that it works for his body,

then friends, we gotta face it!

Something is DEFINITELY working for Stan Cottrell!

This fitness guru is attacking his mission on all sides.

Stan’s determination and willpwer are destined to stand out amongst the most influential people. 

And, with good reason.

This journey of Stan’s isn’t just about breaking records, it’s about changing bad habits.

So we had to find out...

What is the Key to Stan’s Unheard-Of Bill Of Health 

that no person in their seventies in this day and age has ever been able to achieve?

Stan knows that in order for America to break free from bad habits, they need to get moving!

He also knows how one’s body can feel at any age.

From the aches and pains, to the gradual decline, we all begin to “feel everything” more and more as we continue to age.

That’s where one special piece of Stan’s Health & Fitness Stack known as MG12 comes in..

What is MG12?

Some of you may have heard the term, “Miracle Mineral,” before.

But if not, here’s the lowdown on MG12 Magnesium

In Stan’s particular case, he’s felt the positive effects off of MagneSport’s MG12 Magnesium.

Perhaps that’s why it’s officially a key component of Stan’s health & fitness stack.

What are the Known Benefits of MG12 Magnesium in 2021?

As with any supplement that you decide to work with,

please keep in mind that MG12 is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. 

However, if you MG12 Magnesium there are some interesting benefits:

Inare working with, Although results from using MG12 may vary.

Of course, the only way to determine if MG12 is right for you, is to try it.

This is the Where ultimately, by using this stack is where we say that seeing is believing.

What Would Stan Do to Help Others who are Looking to Live a Healthy Lifestyle?

Stan has these words of wisdom for those who want to take control of their health.

“We must be active or we will begin to deteriorate."

-Stan Cottrell

Stan Cottrell has been such a tremendous inspiration for so many at the Amazing Friendship Run for nearly two decades.

Not only is he the reason behind our vision of a truly healthy world, but he is also someone who shares his life in true abundance and connects with that which enriches him.

Helping Stan's Health

Stan has competed in over 760 endurance runs (marathons/ultramarathons) and has run over 250,000 total miles. Stan has been a strong proponent of CrossFit for several years now and is an active volunteer at his local affiliate where he helps coach new members.

His diet consists of plant-based foods, oatmeal in the morning with blueberries, bananas, and walnuts; vegan soups such as lentil or black bean soup; kale salad with vegan dressing; and one meal per day that includes a plant-based protein source such as lentils or beans.

What Does Stan Do to Take Care of Himself that Most People Might Not Know About?

What is MG12 Magnesium?

Stan Cottrell's passion for running is no secret to anyone who has heard of the man.

One of the reasons that Stan LOVES to run so much is because it makes him feel good.

He also understands that in order to feel happy and healthy, you must keep your body strong from the inside out.

That's why he enjoys using MG12 Magnesium because it:

Helps him feel more energetic while it elevates his mood

Check Out the Benefits of MagneSport MG12 Magnesium Below, or as We Like to Call Them, the MG12 Magnesium ‘R.I.S.E.S.

Reduces Cramping

​Increases Energy

​Soothes Muscles

​Enhances Endurance

​Speeds Recovery

As you can imagine, MagneSport MG12 Magnesium benefits are supporting Stan's involvement in that world of ultra-endurance running... 

(Astonishing, but true.)

Not too mention, those have included numerous races up to 100 miles long!

At one race, his feet became so sore that he could not run for the remainder of the day. 

Just imagine if he would have had his health stack that includes MagneSport MG12 Magnesium?

Could MG12 Help?

He applied MG12 to his feet and within a few minutes felt immediate relief.

After he applied the Mg12, he went on to run for another 7 hours. He said, "That was one of the most amazing things."

As a result of his experiences, Stan has endorsed MG12 magnesium as his go-to method to help him alleviate muscle pain and cramps.

What Does it Take to Have a Youthful Heart?

Stan's threshold for his A1C level is 4%. That's at least a good 10 years longer than the average life expectancy.

Not only does he have the knowledge needed to maintain his healthy heart, but he also follows through on implementing what he knows. In his words, "I do the things that I know will bring immediate health benefits to others."

Stan's regimen is very specific and he clearly defines what these measures are.

He eats a healthy diet of lean muscle and fish, avoids refined sugars, alcohol, tobacco and other stimulants. He also gets regular cardiovascular exercise that increases his heart rate up to 140 bpm (beats per minute), and takes the active ingredient, nitric oxide, in an interesting vitamin supplement known as Cardio Miracle.

Stan knows every risk of early death is rooted in heart disease. That's why he does what he can to limit or end it before it happens.

What are the Benefits of Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide is naturally produced in the body when we exercise. When nitric oxide levels are high, our arteries are more flexible and blood flow is increased.

This means that more oxygen and nutrients can reach every part of our body to perform at its best, including the heart.

For someone like Stan who only runs sub-90 seconds for his miles, it takes a lot of oxygen to keep him moving.

With regular exercise combined with daily use of nitric oxide, he's able to get a surge of instantaneous anti-aging effects that make him feel remarkably youthful at 77 years old.

Is MG12 Something You Should Try? Here’s What Other Folks Had to Say About MagneSport MG12 Magnesium Oil:

“For 20 years I have suffered from constant tension headaches. This headache has been accompanied with several other health conditions such as heart palpitations, food allergies, IBS, insomnia, mood swings and depression. I have tried countless medicines and treatments, but magnesium seems to work the best. I started using Mg12 and over three months I have experienced tremendous improvement!!! It’s an incredible product sold by an outstanding company with an owner that cares so much.”-LIONELL S.

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